Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Kufuor has finally come...but with what?

This photo from Reuters confirms that John Kufuor did make it to Kenya after all.

But the outcome of his intervention will be watched closely. Especially in light of the Kibaki led shuttle diplomacy to a host of African countries ( Deputy Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula to Ghana & Uhuru Kenyatta to Tanzania)

There's talk that Kufuor will only be in Nairobi for less than 48hours. We suggest that it might take a bit longer to get things done. Having come inspite of all the initial obstacles put in his way, John Kufuor and the AU's credbilty will hang upon breaking the deadlock that has held Kenya in
chains for the past 2 weeks. Achieving this task will not be done in a hurry. Note that Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Jendayi Frazer haven't had so much luck in this regard.

We wish him well and hope that he can speak some home truth to both sides.

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