Friday, 4 January 2008

A season of Diplomatic Guffaws

First, Gordon Brown announces on Wednesday that John Kufuor( Ghana's president & African Union Chairman) will lead a delegation to mediate in the Kenyan elections crisis. This alongside a joint US-UK statement issued a day earlier. Then came an embarassing stinger from Kenya's Finance Minister that Kufuor should stay put in Accra, citing the old & well-worn cliche of 'no need for international mediation in a "Kenyan situation" '

An unnamed source in the Ghanian Foriegn Ministry came up with an explanation on AFP today. Mr Kufuor's mediation efforts appear to have broken down because Kenyan President, Mwai Kibaki's camp took umbrage at the fact that the AU and Commonwealth mediators appeared to be chosen by London -Kenya's Colonial masters

This coming at a time when the AU is pushing for more African Solutions to African problems.

According to Razia Khan, the African Economics chief at Standard Chartered Bank "There needs to be a home-grown response to the unrest with buy-in from the main players in Kenya,".

It's definitely not looking like the AU's finest hour.

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