Saturday, 15 August 2009

That didn't take long...

As expected, the high priests of the PDP (Nigeria's ruling party) came out with their sharp rebuttals to the tough words from the US Secretary of State during her visit to Nigeria.

Leading the pack was Senate president, David Mark (a retired Brigadier) who shot back with this sortie:

"And then I heard her (Clinton) saying that Nigerians that people are not registered to vote, is that not correct. That is the height of misinformation. And that is the sort of things we get ourselves into when we don't educate those that should know". He continued by saying
"this country is a sovereign nation, Nigerians belong to Nigerians and we would decide for ourselves the way we want to move ourselves forward. I agree that there are areas we need to do something to move forward. But we don't have to be dictated by any country".

Following in rapidfire sucession was the party's spin doctor, Ahmed Alkali ( a professor of International Relations).

His statement said "we are at the same time concerned that some of her remarks are not only way off the mark but also based on misinformation."
"Mrs. Clinton seems to have taken her briefs from individuals or groups and other failed politicians who have an axe to grind with the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We do not want to believe that her mission to Nigeria was meant to confer legitimacy to these groups who are pursuing narrow interests within the Nigeria political environment."

It appears her 'tough words' really hit them where it hurts.

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