Thursday, 6 August 2009

Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria - twinned with Karachi, Pakistan

There's a thought I've long held but for which I have so far not found cast-in-stone evidence.
My 'thesis' is that both Pakistan and Nigeria are twins of the same errant parent. I speak of no other parent but the British Empire.

I'd alluded to another link in this earlier post.

The Pulitzer prize winning journalist and author, Steve Coll has recently been travelling in Nigeria and he fleshes out some of this familial bond between these 2 countries on his blog.

There are 2 points he makes which are woth highlighting:

"The main thought I’ve had since wandering around Nigeria is that Pakistan is in some ways fortunate to have had an existential enemy, India, for so many years. Nigeria, by comparison, has been menaced only by itself. The Pakistan-India rivalry, including but not limited to its three formal wars and constant guerrilla proxy contests, has caused much violence and suffering, of course, and it has distorted Pakistani national life by strengthening the Pakistani military disproportionately. Yet it has also produced a robust Pakistani nationalism of a type that is much harder to find in Nigeria."


"Pakistani generals are by all conventional measures corrupt, but when compared to their Nigerian counterparts, quite modestly so."

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