Tuesday, 8 April 2014


In light of the recent rebasing of Nigeria’s GDP figures, leading Nollywood Director, Obi Emelonye gave an interview to the BBC’s Will Ross. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: But you’d like to see the gap between the rich and the poor narrowing, because at the moment, many people will say its widening with more millionaires created here every year than anywhere else in the world, possibly. But poverty just as deep if not deeper

A: “...As the people that put the mirror in front of the country, we have to constantly remind ourselves, that the kind of unequal society that exists in Nigeria cannot be sustained. That it will lead to something that will be very drastic unless it’s corrected quickly.
A revolution has been touted as the next step, because people cannot continue to live in such squalor, such poverty, and in the midst of wealth that was created for everybody.
It is such unequitable distribution that would upset everybody with a conscience. But obviously, the people that are in power don’t really see that.
But the message needs to be taken to them that redistribution of Nigerian’s wealth is the only way forward, otherwise Nigeria will implode.”

Here’s an audio link to the full interview.
The section quoted here begins on the 3:00 minute mark

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