Thursday, 21 May 2009

Carson on a Roll

Within hours of his Senate confirmation, new US Assistant Secretary of State, Johnnie Carson was on his way to Jacob Zuma's inauguration in Pretoria on May 9. While he would have met some of the leaders and rulers who he'll be be knocking heads with in the years ahead, he soon swang into action by turning up at the door of Mwai Kibaki & Raila Odinga with tough words for both men.
In an apparent sign of things to come, it seems the Obama administration is taking the issue of democracy serious by sending a stron message to these pseudo democratic rulers & leaders.
Obama himself seems to have laid down an early marker by announcing his visit to Ghana. Commentators say his upcoming July visit is on one hand a reward to the Ghanians for the smooth conduct of their elections in January and a snub to the Nigerians and others for not taking good governance seriously.
Mr Carson may soon be clocking some miles in order to massage some of the egos of these big men, or maybe he just won't.

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